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See LAMP for a guide to setting up Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Adding php-ldap

PHP needs the php-ldap extension to work with [ phpLDAPadmin]

pacman -S php-ldap

then edit Template:Filename and uncomment the line


by removing the ";", so it will look like this

Now add


to the "open_basedir" line.


Simply do

pacman -S phpldapadmin


phpLDAPadmin comes with a usable example configuration file, so lets use it

cp /srv/http/phpldapadmin/config/config.php.example /srv/http/phpldapadmin/config/config.php

Although not strictly neccessary you can edit Template:Filename and name your server with the line


Accessing your phpMyAdmin installation

Finally your phpLDAPadmin installation is complete. Before start using it you need to restart your apache server by following command:

# /etc/rc.d/httpd restart

You can access your phpLDAPadmin installation using the following url:


Note: 'localhost' is the hostname in your Template:Filename file.