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[[Category:Package development]]
#REDIRECT: [[Pacman/Tips and tricks]]
[[Category:Package management]]
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{{Pkg|pkgtools}} is a package created by Daenyth that includes various useful package-related utilities. It is available in [[community]], and {{AUR|pkgtools-git}} in [[AUR]].
Creates a [[PKGBUILD]] from the Ruby gem specification.
Sets maintainer information in a PKGBUILD.
Speeds up creating new PKGBUILDs.
Checks a binary {{ic|.pkg.tar.gz}} ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sic ''sic'']) file for conflicts with existing packages.
''See: [[pkgfile]]''
Converts an rpm {{ic|.spec}} file into a PKGBUILD.
Shows packages requiring the mentioned one.

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