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Notes: Empty sections should be either completed or removed; this article has room for expansion. (Discuss in Talk:Pkgtools#)

pkgtools is a package created by Daenyth that includes various useful package-related utilities. It is available in community, and the latest pkgtools-gitAUR release is available in AUR.


A tool to simplify creating a new package.



pkgfile is a tool that tells you which package owns a specific file. It also has some extra related features.

You should update filelist first.

# pkgfile --update


$ pkgfile -s pkgfile     # Search package that contain file's name pkgfile.
community/pkgtools       # Your searched file is in pkgtools package and community repository. 

"Command not found" hook

pkgfile includes a "command not found" hook that will automatically search the official repositories if you enter a command that is not recognized. It can be enabled in /etc/pkgtools/pkgfile.conf or in ~/.config/pkgtools/pkgfile.conf.

Note: This will only enable the hook in the login shell. To enable it in all children shells too, you need to source /etc/profile from your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc. E.g.:
source /etc/profile


Converts an rpm .spec file into a PKGBUILD.