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Packages available in AUR

Plex Media Server (PMS)


Install the package from AUR: plexmediaserverAUR.


To start plex, run sudo systemctl start plexmediaserver. Use sudo systemctl enable plexmediaserver to have it start on startup. Then go to (http://localhost:32400/manage) to set up plex. If you want to add media folders in your home directory you may get a permissions issue. chmod 775 ~/ and usermod -a -G users plex to allow plex to access your files.

Plex Home Theater


You can build either plex package from source, or use my unofficial repository providing both regular plex-home-theaterAUR and nightlies of plex-home-theater-gitAUR. Add the following above other repos in /etc/pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Optional
Server =$repo/$arch