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Packages availability

in the AUR.

Plex Media Server (PMS)


Install the package from AUR: plexmediaserverAUR.


Getting started

It may be necessary to run through the Plex basic setup wizard before launching Plex via its systemd unit:

# /opt/plexmediaserver/start_pms

To begin configuring Plex, browse to http://localhost:32400/manage.

Once completed, you can start Plex at boot with systemd:

# systemctl enable plexmediaserver

To start Plex (after the basic setup):

# systemctl start plexmediaserver


Note: Plex supports both IPv4 and IPv6. This section only assumes the use of IPv4.

Plex Media Server and its internal DLNA server require several ports to be open:

  • 32400/tcp
  • 32469/tcp
  • 32400/udp
  • 32469/udp
  • 5353/udp
  • 1900/udp

A short example with iptables:

# iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dports 32400,32469 -j ACCEPT
# iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m multiport --dports 32400,32469,5353,1900 -j ACCEPT


If you want to add media folders in your home directory, you may get a permissions issue. To fix this:

$ chmod 755 ~/
# usermod -a -G users plex to allow plex to access your files.

In this case, it is assumed that your home directory is owned by the users group (the default case on Arch).

Plex Home Theater


You can use plex-home-theater from the Official repositories, build plex package from source, or use the unofficial alucryd repository providing both regular plex-home-theater and nightlies of plex-home-theater-gitAUR.