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Plymouth is a project from Fedora to provide a flicker-free graphical boot process. It relies on kernel mode setting to set the native resolution of the display as early as possible, then provides an eye-candy splash screen up to the login manager.

Note: Kernel mode setting is currently only available for Intel and ATI graphics cards (As of Kernel 2.6.31) Plymouth can run without it, but may fall back to its text-mode plugin.
Warning: Plymouth is currently under heavy development and may contain bugs


Before you can use Plymouth, you must enable kernel mode setting. Please refer to the instructions for ATI cards and for Intel cards. Both of these require you to rebuild your kernel image. You will also have to do that later on in this article, so you may wish skip that step for now.

Grab Plymouth from the AUR. It is best to use the git version, as this is most up to date and likely to work better.

Download the tarball to a working directory. From a terminal, cd to your working directory, unpack the tatball and cd into the plymouth-git folder.

cd /path/to/your/directory
tar -xzf plymouth-git.tar.gz
cd plymouth-git

Make the package

makepkg -s