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Prey is a set of bash scripts that helps you track your computer when it is stolen.

This guide shows you how to install Prey.


Install prey-trackerAUR from the AUR.


Edit "/usr/share/prey-tracker/config" and add your device key and API key in the appropriate place.

Run "sudo /usr/share/prey-tracker/" and check the results.


To enable/disable modules, you must change the executable permissions for the the "run" files in prey's respective modules/core subdirectories. Adding executable permissions to a module will enable it, while removing permissions will disable the module.

GUI config

You can start use a GUI to configure prey using:

sudo /usr/share/prey-tracker/platform/linux/

Note that if this doesn't work you are missing a dependency, not sure if python alone suffices.

Standalone Mode

You can use the GUI to configure standalone mode.

Alternatively you can edit /usr/share/prey-tracker/config

to change the post_method to "email" and edit the SMTP settings.

Note that in Standalone Mode, all modules in /usr/share/prey-tracker/modules run by default. To turn these off, you need to go into each "core" subdirectory of each module, und switch off the execute bit on "run". So for example, if you want to turn off the "alarm" module, you do this:

sudo chmod -x /usr/share/prey-tracker/modules/alarm/core/run


To troubleshoot, try:

sudo /usr/share/prey-tracker/ --check


If you have scrot installed, prey will use it to take a screenshot if the "session" module is enabled. Unfortunately, scrot emits an annoying beep everytime it is run. To avoid beeping, you have to add

xset -b

to the file /usr/share/prey-tracker/modules/session/core/run at the top


There seems to be a bug in version 0.5.3 which gives an error if the SMTP password is set when using "email" post_method, which returns an error, but works fine when executed normally without the --check option.