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This page is used for posting priority tasks for ArchWiki editors.

How to proceed

If you feel capable of editing Wiki pages, please see if you can manage tasks outlined in this article. General Todo page is here.

Please also take a look at this thread on Arch Linux Forums.


Please refrain from creating new pages until the category tree is fixed and stable.

Current tasks

This is a list of current priority tasks, ordered by priority, of course. Don't bother reading the entire article. Pick the first task you like and work on it.

Fix category tree

As you may have noticed, the category tree is somewhat unclear. We have proposed a category tree. Please comment on the tree in the Talk page, or participate in this thread on Arch Linux Forums.

Furthermore, we need to move articles into appropriate categories once those are created.

Duplicate pages

We need to identify and merge/delete duplicate articles. Discuss duplicates you've found here, or merge them if you know how. You may offer solutions and add pairs (or triplets, etc) of duplicate articles here:

  1. Boost Pacman and Faster Pacman Downloads
    • status: confirmed
    • solution: Separate the two articles into three, "Faster package download using wget", "Faster package download using snarf", and "Faster package download with wget". Then create a "Pacman performance tweaks" which would reference the three articles. The first three articles go into the HOWTOs category, while the last one goes to Tutorials category, possibly awaiting creation of more pacman performance tips and referencing them as they are created. All four articles should go to "Package Management" category.
      Hm, wouldn't this spread up the wiki too much? I think one page ala "Optimize Pacman" whith Sections like "Increasing Download Speed etc. pp." would be way better then thousands of single wiki pages which have seldomly more then 2 sections themselves. hellwoofa 11:13, 3 November 2006 (PST)