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What is ProjectM?

ProjectM is an open source music visualizer based on the Milkdrop plugin for Windows/Winamp. It now has a Qt GUI that can visualize your audio output through either JACK or PulseAudio, in addition to a libvisual component. This wiki currently focuses on the PulseAudio standalone GUI.


The binaries for ProjectM are not currently included in Arch. However you have two options for obtaining the packages. Either build from AUR yourself or you can get them from an unofficial repository. Currently packages are being build by Luciferin and are on the compiz-fusion-git repository.

Unofficial Repo

Edit /etc/pacman.conf as root and add the following repositories to the bottom:

Server =

Save and Exit.

To synchronize the newly added repository and install the latest package group for PulseAudio:

pacman -Sy projectm-pulseaudio


Once everything is install just do the following from the command line: