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== Installing psyBNC ==
psyBNC is available from the [[AUR]].
It can be installed two ways:
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1 ) With your favorite AUR Download and Management script [[AUR_User_Guidelines#AUR-DMS_.28downloading_and_management_scripts.29]]
2 ) Manually by downloading the PKGBUILD from AUR and running
<pre>makepkg -c && pacman -U psybnc</pre>
Note: You should probably read [[AUR]] and familiarize yourself with the AUR system beforehand.
== Post-Install ==
After you have installed psybnc you must run make menuconfig.
<pre>cd /usr/bin/psybnc
make menuconfig</pre>
This will spawn the psybnc configure program which requires ncurses.  If you do not have ncurses use make menuconfig-curses.  This will create a valid psybnc.conf.  To use the default settings just hit exit as soon as it opens.
It is also suggested that you chown everything in /usr/bin/psybnc/ to the user that you will use to run psybnc.
If you would like to create psybnc.conf manually (or for more information about configuring psybnc), you may find [http://psybnc.at/help.html the official psybnc help] and [http://www.lunarshells.com/install_psybnc.php#setup LunarShells.com psybnc Tutorial] helpful.

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