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Installing psyBNC

psyBNC is available from the AUR.

It can be installed two ways:

1 ) With your favorite AUR Download and Management script AUR_User_Guidelines#AUR-DMS_.28downloading_and_management_scripts.29

2 ) Manually by downloading the PKGBUILD from AUR and running

makepkg -c && pacman -U psybnc

Note: You should probably read AUR and familiarize yourself with the AUR system beforehand.


After you have installed psybnc you must run make menuconfig.

cd /usr/bin/psybnc
make menuconfig

This will spawn the psybnc configure program which requires ncurses. If you do not have ncurses use make menuconfig-curses. This will create a valid psybnc.conf. To use the default settings just hit exit as soon as it opens.

It is also suggested that you chown everything in /usr/bin/psybnc/ to the user that you will use to run psybnc.

If you would like to create psybnc.conf manually (or for more information about configuring psybnc), you may find the official psybnc help and psybnc Tutorial helpful.