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PsyBNC is a multi-user IRC-Bouncer with many features.


Install psybncAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror].


After you have installed psybnc you must run make menuconfig.

cd /usr/bin/psybnc
make menuconfig

This will spawn the psybnc configure program which requires ncurses. If it is not available, make menuconfig-curses is an alternative. Both will create a /usr/share/psybnc/psybnc.conf file. To use the default settings just hit exit as soon as it opens.

It is also suggested that you chown everything in the /usr/bin/psybnc path to the user that will use to run psybnc.

If you would like to create a psybnc.conf manually (or for more information about configuring psybnc), you may find the official psybnc help and psybnc Tutorial helpful.