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PyPy is an alternate implementation of the Python 2.7.2 interpreter. PyPy's benefits are in the area of speed, memory usage, sandboxing and stacklessness. It is compatible with Cpython with some exceptions.


Install the pypy package

pacman -S pypy


Python libraries and programs can be installed in PyPy through EasyInstall. PyPy libraries are stored in a different folder then Cpython libraries.

EasyInstall Installation

EasyInstall does not come with the PyPy package and must be installed manually. Create the /opt/pypy/site-packages/ folder.

sudo mkdir /opt/pypy/site-packages/

Download to the folder /opt/pypy/ and run it. will install EasyInstall.

cd /opt/pypy/
sudo wget
sudo pypy

EasyInstall will be located at /opt/pypy/bin/easy_install

Installing Packages

To install EasyInstall package package_name enter

sudo /opt/pypy/bin/easy_install package_name

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