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PyPy is an alternate implementation of the Python 2.7.2 interpreter. PyPy's benefits are in the area of speed, memory usage, sandboxing and stacklessness. It is compatible with Cpython with [ some exceptions. PyPy also can be used to compile Rpython programs to C code.


Install the pypy package

pacman -S pypy

PyPy is located in /opt/pypy/ and the main pypy executable is /opt/pypy/pypy-c


Basic PyPy usage is done through the {ic|pypy}} command and functions similarly to Cpython usage. Enter

pypy -h

to view the listing of pypy options.

Interactive Interpreter

To load the pypy interactive interpreter run


Run Program From File

To run a python program from a file in pypy run


where is the file name of the program.


Python libraries and programs can be installed in PyPy through EasyInstall. PyPy libraries are stored in a different folder then Cpython libraries.

EasyInstall Installation

EasyInstall does not come with the PyPy package and must be installed manually. Create the /opt/pypy/site-packages/ folder which will be needed for the EasyInstall installation.

sudo mkdir /opt/pypy/site-packages/

Download to the folder /opt/pypy/ and run it. will install EasyInstall.

cd /opt/pypy/
sudo wget
sudo pypy

EasyInstall is located at /opt/pypy/bin/easy_install

Installing EasyInstall Packages

To install EasyInstall package package_name into PyPy enter

sudo /opt/pypy/bin/easy_install package_name

Packages Will be Located at /opt/pypy/site-packages Installed libraries and applications will be at /opt/pypy/bin Programs installed through EasyInstall on PyPy can usually be ran with /opt/pypy/bin/program_name where program_name is the name of the PyPy program.

EasyInstall Package Example

The following will install the Lamson email framework.

sudo /opt/pypy/bin/easy_install lamson

The following will run the framework's gen-project option

/opt/pypy/bin/lamson gen -project testproject

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