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[[Category:Tiling WMs]]
'''[http://code.google.com/p/pytyle/ PyTyle]''' is a tiling manager that works with EWMH-compliant window managers (like [[Openbox]] and KWin) to provide functions for tiling windows. Both Xmonad and Musca have influenced the feature set.
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PyTyle is currently not available from the Arch official repositories.
* {{App|PyTyle|An automatic tiler that is compatible with Openbox Multihead |http://pytyle.com/|{{AUR|pytyle}}}}
* {{App|PyTyle2|Auto/manual on-demand tiling manager that fits in any EWMH compatible window manager. |http://pytyle.com/|{{AUR|pytyle2-hg}}}}
{{Note|Both can be installed on the same system, although only one can be run at the same time.}}
After installation, PyTyle can be run simply by entering this into the terminal:
Alternatively, if you want to run PyTyle2, you would run
After that, simply press {{Keypress|Alt}} + {{Keypress|A}}.
After you have started PyTyle for the first time, a new configuration directory should appear in your {{ic|$XDG_CONFIG_HOME}} directory (usually ~/.config/) called pytyle2. Inside this directory is config.ini. All of the configuration options are stored there.
{{Warning| The options haven't really been documented yet, so your guess will have to do at the moment.}}

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