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== Installing Pylons ==
== Installing Pylons ==
''Note: This was written on June 10, 2008. You may want to try "pacman -Ss pylons" to check if Pylons has been added to the repos.''
Get it from [https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=45883 the AUR].
Before you start, you need to make sure [[aurbuild]] is installed. Then, install the following (I have ordered them so that there are no unresolved dependencies):
''Note: Add the -n or --noconfirm option if you want to bypass answering "yes" for confirmation messages.''
sudo aurbuild -s python-myghtyutils python-simplejson python-routes python-webhelpers python-beaker python-paste python-paste-deploy python-paste-script python-decorator python-nose python-mako python-pylons
== Alternative method ==
== Alternative method ==

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What is Pylons?

Quoting the Pylons Python Web Framework web site:

"Pylons is a python rapid web application development framework frequently compared to rails and with an emphasis on speed and fun."

Installing Pylons

Get it from the AUR.

Alternative method

Install easy_install:

# pacman -S setuptools

Install Pylons like in instruction:

# easy_install Pylons==