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== What is Pylons? ==
== What is Pylons? ==

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What is Pylons?

Quoting the Pylons Python Web Framework web site:

"Pylons is a python rapid web application development framework frequently compared to rails and with an emphasis on speed and fun."

Installing Pylons

Note: This was written on June 10, 2008. You may want to try "pacman -Ss pylons" to check if Pylons has been added to the repos.

Before you start, you need to make sure aurbuild is installed. Then, install the following (I have ordered them so that there are no unresolved dependencies):

Note: Add the -n or --noconfirm option if you want to bypass answering "yes" for confirmation messages.

sudo aurbuild -s python-myghtyutils python-simplejson python-routes python-webhelpers python-beaker python-paste python-paste-deploy python-paste-script python-decorator python-nose python-mako python-pylons

Alternative method

Install easy_install:

# pacman -S setuptools

Install Pylons like in instruction:

# easy_install Pylons==