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Pytvshows is a python script for downloading .torrent files from or The configuration is very easy and pytvshows remembers the series you already watched.


Install pytvshowsAUR from the AUR.


Create a file named .pytvshows.cfg in your home directory.

In this file you are going to fill in your series in this syntax for example south park:

 episode = x
 season = y
 episode = 5
 season = 5

note that x and y are variables, you can fill in the season and episode number you already have watched like x = 14 & y = 12 also note that + means a whitespace, you must always add this symbol for a whitespace if you do not do that the script will not work.

Running pytvshows

Now you can start running pytvshows by default the output directory is your ~/ you can change that:

# pytvshows --output_dir=/home/<user>/torrents/

For more options run:

# pytvshows --help

Let your bittorent client watch the directory where you download your torrents so they are automatically added.

If you want to run pytvshows in the background, first make a bash script:

echo -n “ - “; date # log current date & time 
pytvshows  --output_dir=/home/<user>/torrents/ --verbose >> ~/scripts/pytvshows.log

As you can see, log the output of pytvshows.

Then add this script to cron:

#crontab -e (as normal user, using pytvshows as root is not recommended)
#30 * * * * /home/<user>/scripts/ 

Please use a other time otherwise it will get to many hits at the same time.

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