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Pytvshows is a python script for downloading .torrent files from or The configuration is very easy and pytvshows remembers the series you already watched.


Pytvshows is in AUR install it with yaourt or aurbuild:

#aurbuild -S pytvshows 
 yaourt -S pytvshows


Create a file named .pytvshows.cfg in your home directory:

#nano .pytvshows.cfg  

In this file you are going to fill in your series in this syntax for example south park:

 episode = x
 season = y
 episode = 5
 season = 5

note that x and y are variables, you can fill in the season and episode number you already have watched like x = 14 & y = 12 also note that + means a whitespace, you must always add this symbol for a whitespace if you don't do that the script will not work.

Running pytvshows

Now you can start running pytvshows by default the output directory is your ~/ you can change that:

#pytvshows --output_dir/home/<user>/torrents/

For more options run:

#pytvshows --help

Let your bittorent client watch the directory where you download your torrents so they are automatically added.

If you want to run pytvshows in the background, first make a bash script:

# #!/bin/bash
  echo -n “ - “; date # log current date & time 
  pytvshows  --output_dir=/home/<user>/torrents/ --verbose >> ~/scripts/pytvshows.log

As you can see, log the output of pytvshows

Then add this script to cron:

#crontab -e (as normal user, using pytvshows as root is not recommended)
#30 * * * * /home/<user>/scripts/ 

Please use a other time otherwise it will get to many hits at the same time.