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pacman -Sy qc-usb26
pacman -Sy qc-usb

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This guide will help you retreive the qc-usb drivers for your Quickcam.

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1. Adding the repository

The packet in question is now part of the community repository.

Uncomment this repository in /etc/pacman.conf to have the package available.

2. Downloading and installing

Download and install the driver with:

pacman -Sy qc-usb

If you use an alternate kernel, you can build the module with the PKGBUILD located here yourself.

3. Finding the module

The module is called quickcam. Load it with modprobe or add it to the modules in /etc/rc.conf. Udev should autoload it on reboot, though.

NOTE: If you have Logitech Quickcam Messenger webcam, you need the qc-usb-messenger package from, for example, the AUR.