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Quassel (sometimes referred to as Quassel IRC) is a cross-platform IRC client introduced in 2008. It is dual-licensed under GPLv2 and GPLv3, while most graphical data is licensed under the LGPL and provided by the Oxygen Team. The client part of Quassel uses the Qt framework for its user interface.


Quassel is split up into two parts by a server-client model; a client and a core. There is also a monolithic version of the official client that does not require a core. The core(server) is the application that actually does the communication with IRC networks, while the client(s) only communicates with the core. This gives the user a flexibility of having the same instance to IRC networks on different clients (e.g. mobile, desktop at the same time).


Currently Arch Linux offers two official packages; quassel-core and quassel-client, where the latter actually provides both the monolithic client as well as the stand-alone client (regardless of the description of the client-package, see FS#39756).


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