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Reason: mentions rc.conf (Discuss in Talk:RT61 Wireless#)


The RT61 Driver is included in the official kernel-tree so you must only load the rt61 module using:

# modprobe rt61pci

If you want to load the module at startup you can add it to MODULES=() in rc.conf like this:

MODULES=(... fuse rt61pci snd-via82xx ...)

Some RT61 devices need to load the firmware (you can check it using the dmesg command) so you must install the rt2x00-rt61-fw package using:

# pacman -S rt2x00-rt61-fw

Bringing up the interface

No encryption and WEP encryption

Edit rc.conf to met your config:

wlan_wlan0='wlan0 essid <youressid>' #no encryption
wlan_wlan0='wlan0 essid <youressid> key open s:<yourWEPkey>' #WEP encryption
INTERFACES=(wlan0 lo) #among other interfaces


The README file tells you how to configure the interface using iwconfig and iwlist commands. To set up the system to configure the interface at startup you can use the AUR package scripts from klixon. Simply download 'rt61wpa' to '/etc/rc.d/rt61wpa' and 'rt61-wpa.conf.d' to '/etc/conf.d/rt61-wpa', configure the 'rt61-wpa' file and place 'rt61wpa' in your rc.conf DAEMONS array before 'network'. You also have to put

INTERFACES=(wlan0 lo) #among other interfaces

in your rc.conf.

Master Mode

You can't set the mode to Master with iwconfig. However, hostapd will be able to do that. For more information see this tutorial: http://www.clearfoundation.com/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,232/catid,40/func,view/id,21824/

There shouldn't be any need for patching or using experimental version anymore. The mentioned tutorial worked for me with the following official packages:

  • core/kernel26-lts
  • community/hostapd 0.7.3-3
  • core/libnl 1.1-2