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Download the latest Serialmonkey CVS snapshot from here.

Unpack this file somewhere and follow the Module/README install instructions: compile the sources with :

$ make

and install them with:

# make install

load the rt61 module:

# modprobe rt61

Bringing up the interface

No encryption and WEP encryption

Edit rc.conf to met your config:

wlan_wlan0='wlan0 essid <youressid>' #no encryption
wlan_wlan0='wlan0 essid <youressid> key open s:<yourWEPkey>' #WEP encryption
INTERFACES=(wlan0 lo) #among other interfaces


The README file tells you how to configure the interface using iwconfig and iwlist commands. To set up the system to configure the interface at startup you can use the rt61-cvs AUR package scripts from klixon. Simply download 'rt61wpa' to '/etc/rc.d/rt61wpa' and 'rt61-wpa.conf.d' to '/etc/conf.d/rt61-wpa', configure the 'rt61-wpa' file and place 'rt61wpa' in your rc.conf DAEMONS array before 'network'. You also have to put

INTERFACES=(wlan0 lo) #among other interfaces

in your rc.conf.