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(Remove configure info already exist in Rt2x00 beta driver)
(Redirect rt2x00. It is the unified driver for Ralink chipsets (replaces rt2500, rt61, rt73, etc))
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[[Category:Wireless Networking]]
#REDIRECT [[Wireless Setup#rt2x00]]
This page describes how you can make the original Ralink '''RT73''' (aka '''RT2571''') drivers work. This page does not describe how to make the new from-scratch drivers written by the rt2x00 project. (For rt2x00, visit [[Using_the_new_rt2x00_beta_driver|rt2x00 wiki page]])
Several USB WiFi dongles use this chipset, including the Linksys WUSB54GC and the Belkin Wireless G USB key (F5D7050 v3000)
'''RT73 has support built into the kernel since 2.6.25, the steps below may no longer be necessary.'''
''However, some RT73 devices (eg: Linksys WUSB54GC) need to load the firmware, or they won't really work (you can find the firmware requests by dmesg command, eg: <code>dmesg |grep rt73</code>). So you have to install the linux-firmware package, using:''
    pacman -S linux-firmware

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