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Rtorrent is a very simple,elegant and ultra-light bittorent client. It is written in C++ and uses ncursers, so it is completely text based ands runs entirely in a console. Rtorrent is ideal for low-end systems and with the addition of gnu screen and ssh is convenient as a remote bittorrent client. It has most modern bittorrent options, but some major features are missing; most notably port mapping and selective downloading of files in a torrent.


  1. pacman -Sy
  2. pacman -S rtorrent



When rtorrent is started for the first time it will spit out an error saying it can't find .rtorren.rc. This is the configuration file for rtorrent, using this file you can transform into a torrent beast :)

So we start by creating this all important file

  1. nano /home/user/.rtorrent.rc

then we copy the default configuration file which is available here: http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/browser/trunk/rtorrent/doc/rtorrent.rc?rev=latest

simply uncomment any needed options, I think its pretty self explanatory.


Rtorrent relies exclusively on keyboard shortcuts for user input. A nice guide is available on the main site: http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/wiki/RTorrentUserGuide

It goes into good detail and includes most(if not all) of the shortcuts.


Rtorrent is well worth a try. Its stellar performance, low requirements and excellent configurability seperate it from the competition.