Radeon HD 4670

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This page is meant to be a small draft about Radeon HD 4670 status, using various drivers.

Radeon drivers

Works better than RadeonHD with "traditional" work: window scaling, redrawing, etc. are smooth Suspension to RAM works fine, too

Switch to Console Issue

It has the "switch to console" issue: if you press Ctrl+Alt+Fx you will get a black screen and, even worse, can't get back to X with ctrl+alt+F7 This can be solved using

Option "DRI" "false"

but you will pay a bit in performance, and of course you can't have composite enabled

RadeonHD drivers

These drivers works pretty good: they has no problems with suspend2ram and suspend2disk. I noticed ugly scrolling/redrawing, but it could be just my problem.

Catalyst drivers

ATI official drivers