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Razor-qt is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast toolbox-like desktop environment, which is, like KDE, based on Qt technologies. It has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, an intuitive interface and high customizability, therefore it features only few basic components, while most applications, like a File-Manager, have to be added by the user. Due to this, Razor-QT runs fine on weak machines, too.

Merge with LXDE-Qt

Razor-qt and LXDE share the same philosophy. Both strive for small footprint, limited dependencies and modularity. So they decided the best course of action for both projects is to focus on a single desktop environment, instead of two. The plan is to cherry-pick the best parts of Razor and LXDE and include or port those to LXDE-Qt. Other components will be ported straight from GTK code or rewritten from scratch.

As for Razor-qt, 0.6.0 will be the final package for those who are happy with the desktop as it is. After the release, there are no further plans to maintain the Razor-qt tree on its own. All developer will all be working on the LXDE-Qt repositories.


你可以从AUR仓库中安装软件包 razor-qtAUR 或者 razor-qt-gitAUR

安装成功后,你可以使用启动器启动它,比如SLiM,或者在 .xinitrc 中添加下面的命令,用来命令行登录桌面

exec razor-session


mkdir -p ~/.config/razor
cp /etc/xdg/razor/session.conf ~/.config/razor


Razor-QT 没有自己的管理器,但是可以使用其他大多数的 Window Managers. Razor-Qt 官方提供了Openbox,如果要使用其他的,则可以修改 ~/.config/razor/session.conf.

你可以找到相关的信息在Wiki上 -> Razor-qt wiki.


In order to use Compiz as Razor's Window Manager, you have to edit your session.conf like this:

windowmanager=compiz ccp

Methods like fusion-icon, adding compiz to the .xinitrc or compiz --replace ccp & will usually result in crashing X.

Suggested Applications

A fresh Razor-QT won't provide much of the tools you need, as it leaves to the user, what to add. A collection on useful apps (which use QT) are found on the projects homepage at 3rd Party applications.


When Razor's applications don't stick with your QT-theme (especially when using KDE's system settings to set your theme), then as of KDE 4.6.1 you'll probably need to tell Qt how to find KDE's styles (Oxygen, QtCurve etc.)

You just need to set the environment variable QT_PLUGIN_PATH. E.g. put

export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$HOME/.kde4/lib/kde4/plugins/:/usr/lib/kde4/plugins/

into your /etc/profile (or ~/.profile if you do not have root access). qtconfig should then be able to find your kde styles and everything should look nice again!

Alternatively, you can symlink the Qt styles directory to the KDE styles one:

# ln -s /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/styles/ /usr/lib/qt/plugins/styles