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(note that rc.conf is obsolete)
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[[Category:Boot process]]
#REDIRECT [[initscripts/rc.conf]]
This is a list of {{ic|/etc/[[rc.conf]]}} GUI front-ends, designed to provide a graphical interface to the {{ic|/etc/rc.conf}} file. The list includes GTK2-based software and Qt based software.
{{Warning|None of these tools are officially supported by the Arch developers. Moreover, systemd is now the default init daemon, so rc.conf is obsolete.}}
== GNOME/GTK+ ==
===ArchLinux Daemon Manager GUI===
ArchLinux Daemon Manager allows you to easily change settings in {{ic|/etc/rc.conf}} using GTK application aldm-gui or command-line application aldm.
*Homepage: https://github.com/Harvie/ArchLinux-Daemon-Manager
*AUR Package Details: {{AUR|aldm}}
*Screenshots: http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/4200/aldmgui03.png
== KDE/Qt ==
rcconf-settings is a tool designed for the Chakra GNU/Linux distribution but should also work on Arch Linux.
* Homepage: http://gitorious.org/chakra/rcconf-settings
* AUR Package Details: {{AUR|kcm-rcconf-settings}}
* Screenshots: http://s2.subirimagenes.com/imagen/5986587instantnea1.png

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