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This article describes how to play .rmvb video files.


The most simple way is to install VLC, which plays .rmvb now, as well as many other video format.

# pacman -S vlc

Or if you have logon as root:

# pacman -S vlc

Or you can install realplayer from the AUR.

Done, now start it by:

$ realplay &

First time run it will start a wizard to config network etc.

When it's finished, you can choose a rmvb file to play, it runs perfect on my pc, as my alsa is set up. If you didn't config your sound yet, follow this article to do it: ALSA

This should be all, you may want to add realplay in your menu, or if you are using gnome or KDE it should already in the menu. I'm using fluxbox, so I just edit ~/.fluxbox/menu to add a line for it. Or if you are using launchers like dmenu or bashrun, they will find realplay for you.