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# chown -R redmine: /srv/http/redmine
# chown -R redmine: /srv/http/redmine
=== Unicorn configuration ===
Configure and start Unicorn using script provided in [[Ruby on Rails#Unicorn]].

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This article explains how to install Redmine, an open-source web-based project management and bug-tracking tool, on Arch Linux. Redmine recently migrated from Ruby version 1.8.7 to version 1.9.3, which is also the version that is in the official Arch repositories, making it easier to install.

Package installation



Get the Redmine source (Download instructions). We'll be installing Redmine directly from subversion in /srv/http/redmine/

# useradd -d /srv/http/redmine -s /bin/false redmine
# mkdir -p /srv/http/redmine
# svn checkout http://svn.redmine.org/redmine/branches/2.1-stable /srv/http/redmine
# chown -R redmine: /srv/http/redmine