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Remmina is a remote desktop client written in GTK from the freerdp project. It supports the protocols SSH, VNC, RDP, NX and XDMCP.


Install the remmina package.

For VNC support install the libvncserver package.

If you need RDP support, also install the optional freerdp or remmina-plugin-rdesktopAUR. For these note:

  • If the RDP option is not available in the Remmina dropdown menu after installing freerdp, make sure to completely quit Remmina first: run killall remmina. When you restart Remmina, RDP should be available.
  • As of Remmina 1.2.0, some users report RDP connections using freerdp suffer from frequent unrequested disconnections, but rdesktop RDP connections being more reliable.
  • Password saving depends on GNOME-Keyring


To open previously saved connection profile you can do:

$ remmina -c ~/.remmina/file-name.remmina

Here is the script, which renames connection profile files basing on name= property to make it human readable:

cd ~/.remmina
ls -1 *.remmina | while read a; do
       N=`grep '^name=' "$a" | cut -f2 -d=`;
       [ "$a" == "$N.remmina" ] || mv "$a" "$N".remmina;

To minimize to tray on startup, use -i option.

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