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[[Category:Hardware detection and troubleshooting]]
#REDIRECT [[Network configuration#Change_interface_name]]
{{merge|Configuring Network}}
* {{Ic|ifrename}} tool which is a part of the {{Ic|wireless_tools}} package.
* {{Ic|udev}} package, which is already installed, of course.
==Generic network interfaces==
===Option 1: udev===
Create {{ic|/etc/udev/rules.d/10-network.rules}} file with content like following:
  SUBSYSTEM=="net", ATTR{address}=="00:1e:58:48:33:08", NAME="lan"
  SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="tap1", NAME="vpn"
  SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="tap5", NAME="qemu"
{{Note|Make sure to use the lower-case hex values in your udev rules. It doesn't like uppercase.}}
===Option 2: ifrename===
Run ifrename directly
  ifrename -i eth0 -n lan
or create config file ({{ic|/etc/iftab}}), for example:
lan mac 00:0C:6E:C6:94:81
internet mac 00:0C:6E:C6:94:82
and run
  $ ifrename -c /etc/iftab
==PPP interfaces==
Add into {{ic|/etc/ppp/ip-up}} script the following lines:
  /sbin/ifconfig $IF down
  /usr/sbin/ifrename -i $IF -n <NEWNAME>
  /sbin/ifconfig <NEWNAME> up
where <NEWNAME> is the new name for the ppp interface

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