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Graphical tools

There are several tools to create .mp3 or .ogg files from an audio CD (eg. k3b, KAudioCreator, Rhythmbox)

Console tools

abcde is a comprehensive audio ripping tool, including CDDB lookup.

Shell script

If you want to rip an audio CD gapless and using CD-Text you can use the following shell script. You need to have the following packages installed on your system: mp3splt, cdrtools and vorbis-tools.

You need cdrtools from AUR for this script to work: cdrtools
# This script needs mp3splt, cdrtools, vorbis-tools

  echo "Usage: $0 [filename] device"
  echo "eg.: $0 /dev/sr0"


if [[ "$#" = "1" ]]; then

cdda2wav -cuefile -paranoia -t all dev=${cdrom} ${filename}.wav
oggenc -o ${filename}.ogg -q 6 ${filename}.wav
oggsplt -c ${filename}.cue -o "@N - @t" ${filename}.ogg
rm ${filename}.{cddb,cdindex,cdtext,cue,wav,ogg}