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[[Category:Package development]]
[[Category:Package development]]
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{{Package Guidelines}}
{{Package Guidelines}}

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Writing PKGBUILDs for software written in Ruby.

Package Naming

For libraries, use ruby-gemname. For applications, use the program name. In either case, the name should be entirely lowercase


For examples, please see github-gemAUR ruby-json_pureAUR ruby-hpricotAUR.


Add --verbose to gem arguments to recive additional information in case of troubles.

Warning: Usage of --no-user-install gem argument is mandatory since latest Ruby versions (See FS#28681 for details).


An example PKGBUILD can be found at /usr/share/pacman/PKGBUILD-rubygem.proto, which is in the abs package.


Abhishek Dasgupta wrote gem2arch to aid in automating the process of creating a ruby gem PKGBUILD. Make sure to manually check the PKGBUILD after generation. There are multiple versions of this tool in AUR (Search for gem2arch).

The gem installation can also be automated completely with the tool pacgemAUR which creates a temporary PKGBUILD, calls makepkg and namcap. The resulting package is then installed with sudo pacman.