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  • Link..Check if the package sane supports your scanner. Sane provides a library, a commandline-tool, ... to use scanners under linux.
  • Open a root-terminal.
  • Install the package sane by typing "pacman -S sane".
    Users that need to use a scanner should be part of the group scanner. You can change the additional groups of a user with the command usermod, for example:
    "usermod -G additionalGroup1,additionalGroup2 username".
  • Try to see if sane recognizes your scanner by typing "scanimage -L". If not, check if your scanner is plugged into the computer, ...

begin firmware-section

This section is only needed if your firmware needs to be uploaded to your scanner.

  • You need to put the firmware-file for your scanner onto your harrdrive.

I suppose you need to extract the file from your Windows/Mac-install-cd for your scanner. If you use the windows-CD, you maybe need to get the file from an .exe-file.

If the .exe-file is a zip, you can do "unzip .exe-file", but before you can do this, you need to have the package unzip installed. If this works, it can be that the firmware-file is inside a .cab-file/archive. To extract the contents from a .cab-archive, you need to have the package cabextract installed. You can use the program cabextract to extract the contents from a .cab-archive. If you don't have an install-CD, you may find the install-software on the website of the manufacturer of your scanner.

If you have found it, place it somewhere on your harddrive. I made a directory firmware in the /usr/share/sane-directory and placed it there. Be sure that memebers of the group scanner can access this file.

  • If needed, (supported devices)] find the name of the backend that sane uses to give instructions to your scanner. Open the file <backend-name>.conf in the directory /etc/sane.d in a text-editor. Uncomment the firmware-entry and let the file-path point to where you put the firmware-file for your scanner. Be sure that members of the group scanner can access the <back-end>.conf-file.

Normally, everything should be ok know I think. (What about hotplug and firmware-upload?)