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警告: 目前 SLiM 尚未和 Systemd 完全相容,第二次登入會引發各種問題。詳情參閱顯示管理員#與 systemd 不相容

SLiM is an acronym for Simple Login Manager. SLiM is simple, lightweight and easily configurable. SLiM is used by some because it does not require the dependencies of GNOME or KDE and can help make a lighter system for users that like to use lightweight desktops like Xfce, Openbox, and Fluxbox.


安裝 SLiM:

# pacman -S slim


How to load at startup, start your desktop environment, add themes...

啟用 SLiM

藉由修改 rc.conf daemon 陣列或 inittab,可於啟動時載入 SLiMa。詳見 Display manager 取得細節。


若要設定 SLiM 載入特定環境,編輯 ~/.xinitrc 以載入您的桌面環境:


# ~/.xinitrc
# Executed by startx (run your window manager from here)

exec [session-command]

[session-command] 取代為合適的 session 指令。一些不同桌面啟動指令範例:

exec openbox-session
exec fluxbox (or exec startfluxbox)
exec startxfce4
exec gnome-session
exec startkde
exec fvwm2
exec awesome

若您的環境未在此處列出,參照合適的 wiki 頁面。


To be able to choose from multiple desktop environments, SLiM can be setup to log you into whichever you choose.

Put a case statement similar to this one in your ~/.xinitrc file and edit the sessions variable in /etc/slim.conf to match the names that trigger the case statement. You can choose the session at login time by pressing F1. Note that this feature is experimental.

# The following variable defines the session which is started if the user doesn't explicitly select a session
# Source:


case $1 in
	exec startkde
	exec startxfce4
	icewmbg &
	icewmtray &
	exec icewm
	exec wmaker
	exec blackbox


安裝 slim-themes 套件:

# pacman -S slim-themes archlinux-themes-slim

archlinux-themes-slim 套件包含數個不同佈景主題。目錄 /usr/share/slim/themes 尋找可用佈景主題。在 /etc/slim.conf 找到 'current_theme',輸入佈景主題名稱:

#current_theme       default
current_theme       archlinux-simplyblack

To preview a theme run if no instance of the Xorg server is running by:

$ slim -p /usr/share/slim/themes/<theme name>

若要關閉,於登入處鍵入 "exit" 後按下 Enter。

附加佈景主題套件可於 AUR 找到。


您可在 /usr/share/slim/themes/<your-theme>/slim.theme 自訂 slim 佈景主題,將原有百分比值:

input_panel_x           50%
input_panel_y           50%


# These settings set the "archlinux-simplyblack" panel in the center of my 1440x900 left screen
input_panel_x           495
input_panel_y           325

若您的佈景主題包含背景圖片,您可使用 background_style 設定('stretch'、'tile'、'center' 或 'color')使其正確顯示。觀看 very simple and clear official documentation about slim themes 取得更多細節。




若您想將預設 X 鼠標改為較新的設計,有 slim-cursorAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] 套件可用。

安裝完成後,編輯 /etc/slim.conf 取消註解此行:

cursor   left_ptr

This will give you a normal arrow instead.