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SOHO Postfix

This tutorial will configure Postfix using MySQL as backend, Dovecot or Courier-IMAP for IMAP-SSL, Postfix Admin for virtual domains/users management, Spamassassin for spam filtering, and SquirrelMail for webmail. Mailing list and anti-virus are in the works.

What this tutorial don't do is a thorough explanation of how everything works with each other. If you are the curious mind, check out the project's documentations.

Required packages:

  • postfix
  • mysql (phpmyadmin is optional)
  • dovecot (chosen over configuration and performance) or courier-imap
  • apache
  • squirrelmail
  • spamassassin


  • Postfix Admin

The latest stable release as of this writing is v2.1.0.

What is Postfix?


What is Postfix? It is Wietse Venema's mailer that started life at IBM research as an
alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program.

Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and secure. The outside has a definite
Sendmail-ish flavor, but the inside is completely different.

If you want to know how exactly Postfix works, check out Anatomy of Postfix!