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Getting Arch Linux to run on sparc

A bunch more content should be added here:

  • link to build tools
  • package repository
  • etc.

Best approach?:

  • Create a toolchain (glibc, zlib, binutils, gcc) using ABS & makepkg from within an untouched gentoo chroot. <- I'm currently compiling them
  • Compile pacman to a different chroot.
  • Install the toolchain compiled earlier into this chroot.
  • Install abs.
  • Compile all other packages.

Note: To get the toolchain to compile, edit the PKGBUILDs like this:

 sed -i.old 's/i686/sparc64 i686/' PKGBUILD


 sed -i.old 's/depends/#depends/' PKGBUILD; sed -i.old 's/makedepends/#makedepends/' PKGBUILD