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Sage is a program for numerical and symbolic mathematical computation. It is meant to provide an alternative for commercial programs such as Maple, Matlab, and Mathematica. It is actually mantained in the community repository.


If you have installed Texlive on your system, you may be interested in using SageTeX, a package that makes possible the inclusion of sage code in LaTeX files. The correct procedure for enabling SageTex system-wide is the following (do it as root, or with sudo):

  • Copy the files to the texmf directory:
# cp /opt/sage/local/share/texmf/tex/* /usr/share/texmf/tex/
  • Refresh Texlive:


Additional Packages

If you need to compile your own custom packages in addition to the standard ones, you might need to install aur/sage-mathematics-spkgs so that you will have the spkgs of the original packages.