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Samsung ML-1640 by SAMSUNG does not come defaulted by Windows XP. It uses SPL (Samsung Printer Language), but working with CUPS using SpliX V. 2.0.0. There are original drivers by "Samsung". The difference between ML-1640 and ML-2245 is that in ML-1640, printing via Windows client is messy thus http://ipaddress:631/printers/Samsung_ML-1640_Series is used by me to print, replace ipaddress to the server with printer installed. Enable the permission to allow printing from internet and you may edit the permission in hosts.allow and hosts.deny in /etc/ to disable global printing.


First, install CUPS and SPL drivers (e.g. with "pacman")

# pacman -Ss cups
extra/cups 1.3.9-4
:The CUPS Printing System
extra/cups-pdf 2.4.8-1
:PDF printer for cups
community/splix 2.0.0-1
:CUPS drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers

# pacman -Sy extra/cups extra/cups-pdf community/splix

Second configure the CUPS up (e. g. look here, desu) and add your ML-1640 there (http://localhost:631):

(Administration) -> (Printers/Add Printer) 

But unfortunaly there are no filters for CUPS in original community/splix package!

That`s all. Installation is over, by theory - you are able to print now :)