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This article aims on providing the informations on installing and setting up Arch Linux on the Samsung NC10.

A lot of the information is derived from the Arch Forum and several hints scattered around in the ArchWiki.


As all other netbooks the NC10 doesn't have an optical drive so you have to install Arch Linux either through an USB pen drive or via an external USB CD-ROM drive.

Before you can start the process of installation you have to disable acpi. To do so edit the bootline by pressing e in the GRUB menu. Then append


to the kernel line. This is only for installation - once arch is installed you don't need the option anymore.

The installation itself is pretty much straightforward and you can use the Beginners_Guide if you need detailed informations.

Configureyour installation


With the kernel version >=2.6.27 both, LAN and WLAN work out-of-the-box.

For LAN the module sky2 is used. The Atheros AR242x wireless chipset uses the module ath5k. To avoid conflicts you should blackmask the other wifi modules:

  • ath_hal
  • ath_pci
  • wlan


The Video controller is a typical Intel chipset that works with the xf86-video-intel driver.

To save some interrupts and therefore power you can disable dri in your xorg.conf. This disables 3D effects but if you don't need them this could be an option.

Section "Device"
Option "NoDRI"
Identifier "Card0"
Driver "intel"
VendorName "Intel Corporation"
BoardName "Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller"
BusID "PCI:0:2:0"

External VGA

Not tested yet. Needs to be written.


Are there any?


The audio device is an Intel HD and should work without modifications. One user reported that he had to disable every snd module in his rc.conf except for two: snd_hda_intel and snd_pcm_oss.

Currently the speakers don't mute when you plug in headphones. This needs to be solved.

Suspend and Hibernate

If you want to use Suspend to Ram using pm-utils you'll need the following command to resume properly:

pm-suspend --quirk-vbestate-restore

You can use this command not only to suspend from terminal but also in combination with acpid

In contrast hibernate doesn't work. The NC10 powers off but when you wake it the normal boot process starts. Any solutions?

Fn Keys

These don't work, except for Fn+F10 stat de-/activates the touchpad.

Needs to be solved

Saving Power

Needs to be written