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Scponly is a limited shell for allowing users scp/sftp access and only scp/sftp access to your box. Additionally, you can setup scponly to chroot the user into a particular directory increasing the level of security.



This guide assumes that you have the Template:Codeline daemon installed, configured, and running.


Scponly resides in [community] and can be installed like any other package:


If you have a user already created, simply set the user's shell to scponly


That's it. Go ahead and test it using your favorite sftp client.

Adding a chroot jail

  • Create chroot

Template:Cli Template:Cli

  • Provide answers
  • Check that /path/to/chroot has root:root owner and r-x for others
  • Change shell for selected user to /usr/sbin/scponlyc
  • sftp-server may require some libnss modules such as libnss_files. Copy them to chroot's /lib