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An easy way to take a screenshot of your curent system is using the import command:

import -window root screenshot.jpg

import is part of the imagemagick package.

If you run twinview or dualhead, simply take the screenshot twice and use imagemagick to paste them together:

import -window root -display :0.0 -screen /tmp/0.png
import -window root -display :0.1 -screen /tmp/1.png
convert +append /tmp/0.png /tmp/1.png screenshot.png
rm /tmp/{0,1}.png

There are also several other ways to do this. You could use the application called scrot or it might be a overkill but you also can take screenshots with gimp (File -> Acquire -> Screenshot ...).

If you use KDE, you might want to use ksnapshot, and if you use Gnome, you can just press the <Prt Scr> key.