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Sdcv is a command line dictionary. It provides access to dictionaries in StarDict's format.


sdcv is available from the official repositories


sdcv can be started from the command line:


This gives you a 'shell-like' command-line from which you can query the database.

Adding dictionaries

There are various places on the web where you can download StarDict dictionaries e.g. http://download.huzheng.org/

Then you can extract the files into /usr/share/stardict/dic.

If you don't have root permissions, you can set the STARDICT_DATA_DIR environment variable. A good choice might be:


sdcv will look in the dic subdirectory so make sure that is created and place your dictionaries inside it

After that, you should be set


Alias sdcv

sdcv isn't a very good name for a terminal command you are likely to use a lot. A good name might be:

alias def="/usr/bin/sdcv"

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