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Shairport Sync is an AirPlay audio player -- it plays audio streamed from iTunes, iOS devices and third-party AirPlay sources such as ForkedDaapd and others. Audio played by a Shairport Sync-powered device stays synchronised with the source and hence with similar devices playing the same source. In this way, synchronised multi-room audio is possible without difficulty. (Hence the name Shairport Sync, BTW.)

Shairport Sync does not support AirPlay video or photo streaming.

Shairport Sync is a fork of the original Shairport which was based on reverse-engineering Apple's key used in its AirPort Express. Be advised that this functionality may be removed at Apple's discretion.


Install the shairport-sync package.


The configuration file can be found at /etc/shairport-sync.conf. It contains useful comments and configuration hints. More documentation is available in the README file.


Start/enable shairport-sync.service using systemd.