Shutdown Pressing Power Button

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First of all, make sure that "button" module is loaded (check the output of lsmod). If it's not, load it manually

# modprobe button

or add it to your /etc/rc.conf MODULES array so that it's automatically loaded at boot time.

  1. Install acpid.
  2. If there is no hal in the DAEMONS array in rc.conf, add acpid to the DAEMONS array.
  3. Edit /etc/acpi/ (as root):
case "$1" in
       #echo "PowerButton pressed!">/dev/tty5
       case "$2" in
           PWRF)   logger "PowerButton pressed: $2" 
           *)      logger "ACPI action undefined: $2" ;;

To be able to test it, make sure the acpid daemon is started. To test it without actually shutting down, comment out the poweroff line and check your user/messages logs.

If you do not have hal, start the acpid daemon yourself:

# /etc/rc.d/acpid start

Otherwise restart hal, it will take care of acpid:

# /etc/rc.d/hal restart