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  fc-cache -fv
  fc-cache -fv
Immediately you'll be able to read Sinhala Unicode in your programs (If not You may need to restart the relavent programs. eg: Firefox)
And proceed to the below steps..
== Enabling Sinhala Locale ==
== Enabling Sinhala Locale ==

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This page explains how to get the Sinhala unicode support and sinhala unicode input to work using ibus (sayura-ibus) or scim (sayura-scim).

Sinhala Unicode Font

Install ttf-lklug from the AUR.

Guide to install Sinhala Unicode Font

Download and Install lklug.ttf Sinhala Unicode font file

sudo pacman -S wget
sudo wget -P /usr/share/fonts http://sinhala.sourceforge.net/files/lklug.ttf

Then Run the following command

fc-cache -fv

And proceed to the below steps..

Enabling Sinhala Locale

Edit /etc/locale.gen. Uncomment following line

si_LK UTF-8

Run following program


Sinhala Unicode Input Support


Install ibus-sayura from the AUR. For more information about see Ibus Article


Install scim-sayura from the AUR.

scim configuration

More about scim can be found here. To enable scim add following lines to /etc/profile

export GTK_IM_MODULE="scim"
export QT_IM_MODULE="scim"

Further Reading and More Information