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This is Smart Link Soft Modem for Linux version 2.9. It provides
full-featured 56K Voice Fax Modem.
This is implemented as generic application (slmodemd) and set of
hardware specific kernel-space drivers (slamr, slusb).
ALSA modem drivers may be used instead of proprietary ones (see ALSA mode).


Modem: V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.23, V.22, V.21, Bell 103/212.
Flow control: V.42.
Compression: V.44, V.42bis.
Fax: Class 1.
Voice: V253 like modem.
Multiple modems are supported.

Supported Hardware:

HAMR5600 based AMR/CNR/MDC/ACR modem cards on the following Southbridge
- Intel ICH0,ICH2, ICH3, ICH4
- Via 686A, 686B, 8231, 8233
- SiS 630
- ALI 1535.
SmartPCI56/561/562/563 based PCI modem cards.
SmartUSB56 based USB modem.

ALSA has the built-in modem drivers included in 'alsa-driver' >= 1.0.2
and in Linux kernel. Currently there is 'intel8x0m' (snd-intel8x0m)
modem driver, which supports ICH based AC97 modems (MC97).

Recent 'alsa-driver' (>=1.0.6) has also support for NVidia NForce
(snd-intel8x0m) and ATI IXP (snd-atiixp-modem) based modems.


Install the slmodemAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] package.

Configuration of "normal modem"

In /etc/rc.conf:

  • Add ppp_generic, slamr or slusb to modules list
  • Add slmodem daemon list


  • Modify to your needs especially
    /dev/slamr0 #(depends on your chipset slamr' or 'slusb')
    --country=USA #(See output of 'slmodemd --countrylist')

Configuration of "Alsa Modems" (Alsa Mode)


  • Add ppp_generic and snd_intel8x0m modules list
  • Add slmodem-alsa to daemon list


  • Modify to your needs especially

--country=USA #(See output of 'slmodemd --countrylist')

It is possible that you have to add an additional device entry.
A useful "detector" is command aplay -l which shows the list of existing ALSA
devices with a description.
  • add one of the following: hw:0,hw:1,modem:0 or modem:1
    to /etc/conf.d/slmodem-alsa at the end of the SLMODEM_ARGS line!
    eg.: SLMODEM_ARGS"--country=USA --alsa hw:1"

The modem device is called /dev/ttySL0 and is symlinked to /dev/modem if you use udev.


If pppd quits with an ERROR 1 just after connection, change auth to noauth in /etc/ppp/options or use the call option (see the pppd manpage). wvdial requires option 'Carrier Check = no' in config file

If you do not want to set the permissions of your modem you "can" set /usr/bin/pppd setuid but this may be a security risk, you have been warned!!!

If you have comments on the package please post it here