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smbclient is an FTP-like client to access SMB/CIFS resources on servers.


smbclient can be installed with:

# pacman -S smbclient

Essential commands

To display public shares on the server:

$ smbclient -L <hostname> -U%

To connect to a share:

$ smbclient //<hostname>/<share> -U<username>%<password>

Commonly used commands

help [command] or ? [command] show all available commands or give help about a specific command
put <local name> [remote name] upload a file
get <remote name> [local name] download a file
ls [mask] list current directory content
cd [directory] change current directory; without the argument print working directory
lcd <directory> change local working directory
mget <mask> download all files matching mask
mput <mask> upload all files matching mask
recurse enable recursive directory download/upload with mget/mput commands
prompt toggle prompting on every single file or directory when using mget/mput commands. By default prompting is enabled
 !<local command> execute a local command and capture output