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(MP3 profile does not show up)
(MP3 profile does not show up)
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===MP3 profile does not show up===
===MP3 profile does not show up===
Install {{Pkg|gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins}} for lame and {{Pkg|gnome-media}}.
Install {{Pkg|gst-plugins-ugly}} for lame and {{Pkg|gnome-media}}.

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Sound Juicer's primary function is the extraction of audio tracks from CDs, and to then encode them into a compressed audio format. It currently provides the following features:

  • Automatic track tagging via CDDB
  • Encoding to ogg / vorbis, FLAC and raw WAV
  • Easy to configure encoding path


Sound Juicer is provided by the sound-juicer package from [extra].


MP3 profile does not show up

Install gst-plugins-ugly for lame and gnome-media.